Resilience. I’ve long liked that word. What power!
Here are two definitions:
1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

When a tremendously horrific event mows us over, the last thing we think of is our ability to ‘recover quickly’ from it. We’re certain we’ll never be the same. Well, we’re not. But, we do have the resilience—the power—inside us to ‘spring back into shape.’ We do possess that ‘elasticity.’

Okay, so we don’t snap back into place like a fresh rubber band. We can, though, if we make that hard decision not to be beaten, not to be overtaken by that thing that tried its best to destroy us. Sometimes it’s a slow recovery. That’s okay. As long as we keep our jaws set, keep our eyes on the only One Who does love us and wants us whole and healed, we can and do conquer that which tried to kill us.

I honor our people. Our resilient, tough, no, fierce, warriors who refuse to bow to the evil that dared attack us seventeen years ago this morning.
We lost too many—one is too many, but it is thousands—beautiful, unique mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and wholly beloved friends. And we were left to clean and bandage, sort and search, all while hanging onto our hope and belief; amidst the confusion and unbelief that such evil came on our soil in such a heinous, cowardly manner.

Resilient. We are. We are Americans. Humans in all colors, all cultures, all nationalities, all beliefs. But we are banded by one magnificent, unbreakable—though battered—strand: Heart.

When we stand shoulder-to-shoulder, lifting one another up, we practice the pure art of all that is truly good. And that is the precise point where we get this human being thing nailed tight.
Decency, respect, those are great words. They are a by-product of that magnificent strand.
Hate cannot win against it.
I honor our people. Our beautiful, resilient people.
God richly bless us all; so that we may be a blessing to one another.


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